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His BECKness...
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02/08/02 - I added news about beck being in the recording studio on the main page, changed some other minor stuff. Yet again, another pointless update. I am still working on other stuff to put on here. Jeesh, what a slacker I am... =)

11/20/01 - I have changed a few things including removing a few more annoying baaners from the front page, which nobody probably even cares about... I am also in the process of finishing the reviews section of my website. Other than that not much else was updated.

8/23/01 - Uploaded new homepage to Beck World. Also added this page. This may just be a temporary homepage if I happen to redesign it again. All of the other pages still appear the same way as they did prior to this update and I think I will edit them as well 'cause I want to redo the entire site. Anyways, that is all for now.