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Beck mp3's: Vibes for your ears...


MP3s to download:

If your one of those people sulking over the loss of napster, forgettaboutit! There are many other alternative programs you can download to get your supply of non-stop music. Below a few of the ones I have used in my life are listed, including search engines-- the "old-fashioned", "passe" way of searching; search at your own risk 'cause they are awful compared to the peer-to-peer networks. Anyways, If anyone has links to Beck mp3s online email them to me and I will post them on here for those not wanting to do it the easy way. Thanx.

For a list of all gnutella (peer2peer) clients you can go to



- Hotbot

Mp3 Players

- Winamp
- MusicMatch

Mp3/CD Players: