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Beck On MOM 3 Album

Music For Our Mother Ocean 3 has recently been released. It contains the version of  'Electric Music and the Summer People' from the nobody's fault but my own single, along with many other songs by other groups.

Click  for a 30 sec. mp3 of Beck
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      Brian Setzer with Brian Wilson, Little Deuce Coupe (315K) 
      Sprung Monkey, Coconut (353K) 
      Butthole Surfers, Summer in the City (343K) 
      Beck, Electric Music and the Summer People (349K) 
      Snoop Dogg & members of Rage Against the
      Machine, Snoop Bounce (424K) 
      Lisa Loeb, Summer (325K) 
      Jane's Addiction, Ocean Size (Remix) (421K) 
      Pearl Jam, Whale Song (418K) 
      Allison Moorer, Here Comes the Sun (325K) 
      Paul McCartney, Wildlife (418K) 
     Gary Hoey, Gone Surfin' (349K) 
     Jimmy Buffett, Sea Cruise (377K) 
     Red Hot Chili Peppers, How Strong (346K) 
     Everclear, Walk Don't Run (349K) 
     Ben Harper, Wicked Man (400K) 
     Smash Mouth, Mother (332K) 
     James Taylor, Gaia (356K) 
     Beastie Boys, Nothing to Say (284K) 
     JKay, Sunland (363K) 
     Lit, Money (315K) 
     Chris Isaak, Winter Waves (315K)