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Jack Ass (UK)

Format: CD


   1. Jack Ass (Butch Vig Mix)
   2. Jack Ass (Lowrider Mix by Butch Vig)
   3. Burro (Spanish Mariachi Verson)
   4. Strange Invitation (Orchestrated Version)
   5. Brother (Previously Unreleased)


   This is one of my favorite singles that I have, the other being "The New Pollution and Other Favorites" (Japan). This album includes songs mixed by Butch Vig from Garbage.

1. Jack Ass (Butch Vig Mix) - This remix is similar to the original, but is pretty good.

2. Jack Ass (Lowrider Mix by Butch Vig) - The bass twangin' in the background of this song is incredible. It is one of the best remixes I have heard. It is definately some great Vibes for your ears

3. Burro - This songs is incredible. The Spanish style implemented into this song makes the melody very catchy, and very cool. Burro is another great song

4. Strange Invitation - The strings for this song were arranged by Beck's dad David Campbell. The arrangement creates a slow and relaxing version of Jack Ass.

5. Devil Got My Woman - This songs is pretty cool, has some cool lyrics.

6. Brother - This song is very cool. The piano, along with the distortion makes Brother an awesome song.

Where to Buy: Your local record store will probably not have this. You can try looking for it at an online music store. I bought my copy at, and they have a lot of beck stuff there so go check it out.