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Deconstructing Beck:

Deconstructing Beck Cover...

Just to let you know, I don't own this cd, however, I have heard every song on the album. I do not like the fact that the so called dj's took samples from becks music to try to make it their own music. I have found an article that I totally agree with. I insist that you read this article I found that talks about the album Deconstructing Beck

If you want to hear the mutilated tracks on Deconstructing Beck you can listen to them by clicking on the links I have provided.

the delusively entoxicated beck... Track Listing: real audio files

 1.   Paving the Road to Hell Pt2
 2.   Puzzels & Pagans
 3.   Killer Control Enters Blackhole
 4.   Stuck Together, Falling Apart
 5.   Void Transaction
 6.   Burning Today's Memory
 7.   So Cal Weevil Dream
 8.   One Beck in the Grave
 9.   Eggs eggs, arms legs
 10. Doublefolded
 11. Carpet Tunnel Syndrome
 12. Bust a Move
 13. Fat Zone

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