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The New Pollution and Other Favorites (Japan) Review

Format: CD


   1. The New Pollution (LP Version)
   2. The New Pollution (Remix by Mickey P)
   3. The New Pollution (Remix by Mario C and Mickey P)
   4. Richard's Hairpiece (Remix of Devils Haircut by Aphex Twin)
   5. Thunderpeel (Previously Unreleased)
   6. Lemonade (Previously Unreleased)
   7. 000.000 (Previously Unreleased)
   8. Feather in Your Cap (From Suburbia Soundtrack)

Review: This is one of my favorite Singles. The New Pollution mixes on this single kick ass. Also on this album is 'Richard's Hairpiece' by Aphex Twin, which is a totally whacked version of Devils Haircut . Rating (out of 5): 

1.The New Pollution - Being that this song was my favorite song on Odelay, I have to say what a fabulously arranged song... I can't get the song out of my head...

2. The New Pollution (Remix by Mickey P) - This is a wonderful remix of The New Pollution. It has an interesting beat and sound effects to make it a pretty cool song.

3. The New Pollution (Remix by Mario C and Mickey P) - The beat and sound effects in this songs are also cool...

4. Richard's Hairpiece (Remix by Aphex Twin) - I like the whacked techno mix that Aphex Twin did. This is a cool remix.

5. Thunderpeel - This little tune was quite interesting, it was an older song of his and I like the style that he used in the song. Thunderpeel was also on the Volume it: Copulation Explosion album...

6. Lemonade - The first few times I heard this song I didn't like it, but after listening to it a couple dozen times I realized that the song was awesome and had a catchy tune and beat.

7. 000.000 - This song is simply fabulous, the distortion, and noise in this song is great.

8. Feather in Your Cap (from Suburbia Soundtrack) - This song is very good. It has a more folk style to it and I enjoy listening to this song.

Where to Buy: Your local record store will probably not have this...You can try looking at some online stores. has this cd for $25.00 but remember this is an import from Japan so it'll be quite expensive...