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> Reform Party Announces Presidential Candidate
> DALLAS -- In a surprise move, Reform Party Officials announced yesterday that
> alternative music singer Beck Hansen will be their candidate for the 2000 
> presidential race.
> The announcement came after a series of negotiations between high-ranking
> officials, including Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura and party-founder Ross 
> Perot. As the Reform Party candidate, Beck will have access to $12 million in

> public election funds, ballot status in 19 states and a brand new Roland
> drum machine.

> Beck's nomination by the fledging third party took many Washington insiders
> surprise. "Personally, I didn't think last year's 'Mutations' was nearly as
good as 
> [1996's] 'Odelay'" stated Republican Senate leader Trent Lott. "I doubt the 
> American people will be pleased with Mr. Beck's new folk-rock direction." 

> Gov. Ventura dismissed Lott's criticism on his "Lunch with the Governor"
> program, stating "If it's not the media getting it wrong, it's the old two
> system. Everybody knows that 'Mutations' was only meant to be a side-project 
> before Beck's follow-up to 'Odelay.' Senator Lott had better stop listening
to the 
> special interests and start listening to the radio."

> Asked about his stand on the issues at today's press conference, Beck claimed

> he will vary only slightly from the Reform Party platform, denouncing
lobbyists and 
> vowing to forego special interest money.  Beck differed from Perot and his
> only in his vow to "bring on the slow jam."

> Beck then urged the assembled reporters to "put [their] hands in the air,
like you 
> just don't care. C'mon."

> If elected, Beck has stated he will nominate The Dust Brothers -- known in
> circles as The Chemical Brothers -- as "Ambassadors of the New Funk." Reform 
> Party sources have also hinted that Beck would replace the Oval Office with a

> state-of-the-art recording studio, but they stopped short of confirming that
it would 
> include two turntables and a microphone.